This track goes through San Gimignano, well known for its towers and the typical medieval architecture of its historical center. It has now been declared World Heritage site by UNESCO.
San Gimignano has maintained its thirteen – fourteen century aspect, even after some works made in the nineteen century and represents one of the best examples in Europe of urban organization of the Middle ages.

Volterra has a considerable Etruscan city center, of which we can still admire the all’Arco Gate, the Diana Gate, that maintain their original hinge stone blocks and a big portion of the old city stone walls, made of huge blocks of local stone.

The Acropolis, where we can find the foundations of two temples, various buildings and some cisterns, numerous hypogeal with Roman ruins (the Theater and the hemicycle) and Medieval buildings such as the Cathedral, the Medici fortress and the Priori palace that faces the same name Square.
Volterra is also well known for the Alabaster art crafts.



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